Duchess FSZ

Duchess FSZ

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hiyya working peeps!

Sssshhhhhhhhh...im at my office. i just finished all my work and i have an hour left before i can leave, and facebook has been seriously boring, even my favourite handbag website didnt amuse me either. something is wrong with me. i NEVER. and i mean EVER feel bored loooking at handbags. Maybe im stressed out. I realllllly want a perfect birthday present or treat for my bucuk bucuk. and its so stressful!  why is it so hard to find a perfect gift for men? im sure tag-hoyay will be a superb birthday gift, but im too stingy and 5k for a watch is just ... zzzzZzzzz.. sorry im seriously not a fan of watches. i did found acouple of interesting Tag watches, in the Monaco range. but when the salesperson was explaining the exquisiteness of the watch, all i saw in his eyes were Balenciaga handbags. So i guess ill find something else. hi hi. actually i DID found something else. but im not gonna spill it here. ngeh heh heh. he'll be soo happy.. ;8) i just cant wait to surprise him and see that oh soooo mngade look on his face. ngeee... he has been complaining alot about how he wants a *tut* and how he needs a *tut* okay i know im not helping u understand this at all but sweat not my lovely friends, as i promise ill spill the beans once we've celebrated his birthday.

Soooo, he'll be turning 25 this year...awww...oh so tua. hahahaha. aih..i love him so much, he's so much mature now, sometimes i feel like a child! seriously, i dah la sangat mengada2, its like a dad-daughter relationship. euw. i did not just say that. i mean he truely cares for me like a man! hehe, idk how to say it, maybe u love birds out there will understand. anybody who has experienced true love wud understand ;) when u are accepted for who u are and he loves you no matter what eventho u have flaws, and mengada2! :8) this year god has been so nice to me. i can finally see a glimpse of my future, bright bright future! *insyaAllah*. because im gifted in such a way that i met sooo many successful people lately and insyaAllah, ill thrive to be one of those lucky ones driving behind BMWs and Audi's and lets not forget my one and only fairlady! success is what u choose and work hard for. it never comes just like that. im working towards that direction, and dear god, i hope next year will be even better! * i promise i will stop buying expensive handbags* :p ciao, its 5.30pm! :8))))

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